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November 9th 2009

left them . i am not happy with there marketing calls


November 11th 2009

I have received up to 20 calls a day - the calls have started at 7 o'clock in the morning and have gone on into the evening, even at weekends.

I have told them that I do not want to receive the calls and make no decisions without seeing information in writing. They still keep calling.


December 4th 2009

had that 'automatic phone (number) ' dial me on many occasions this week I am not answering the phone right now and have placed my phone on 'leave a message'. I've heard it is British? Gas. Do we own any gas in this country?


December 21st 2009

The next call I get off this number is going to be reported to the police as a nuisence caller. I've told them to stop calling


June 3rd 2010

Had calls for the past 3 days from this number...Have not bothered to answer...!


June 3rd 2010

Had calls for the past 3 days from this number...Have not bothered to answer...!

A Householder

August 21st 2010

I received a call from this number yesterday afternoon. It was a missed call. I got the number from 1471.

Derbyshire Lass

August 26th 2010

How do they obtain my mobile number? I am not a British Gas Customer and neither do I wish to be!!


September 7th 2010

Its Britsh Gas and its harrasment.


May 3rd 2011

Unsolicited call from British Gas re: electricity supply. Abuse of direct tele marketing as my numbers are marked off limits. No scruples.

M Martin

January 5th 2012

I keep getting calls from them as I was once a customer! never again! i've asked them to stop and still they persist


January 5th 2012

I have been getting these calls for some time not answered them just checked number on 1471.


June 13th 2012

i don't want any call from this number 08000724699 please do not call my home again thank you

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